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Barista On DutY

I have been a farmer all my life, love living off of the land. I love the hands on getting my hands dirty when it comes to farming. There is a similar correlation with people, I love engaging others. I have a genuine interest in each individuals life I come across.

The same that goes into cultivating plants, in farming I try to apply to others. Always leaving the plant better than when you found it. Plants need nourishment, food & grooming to be their best. We human are no less, we need even more to help, nowadays in the world we live in. There is so much negativity, that it's easy to be off balance.

My mission and goal is to help as many people, by positively inspiring them through my coffee missions work. Coffee is the #2 most traded commodity, next to gas and oil. So this is no secret, that coffee is in nearly every household.

My mission authenticates back to my farming roots, as coffee is grown on farms. The ideas and concepts behind my mission work is to transparently focus, positive vibes to the farmers/producers back to the consumers, by making both groups conscious of each other. Through this effort of education, then both sides see, and understand the importance of each other, in the life cycle of the sip.

I consider life to be an art, so through this concept I can easily analyze things, in an art context. I consider coffee to be my conduit and platform that I display my art. However the real art is connecting with people. I connect with artist, painters, singers, poets, musicians, homemakers, photographers, writers, teachers, Dr's, all types of individuals associated with all types of organizations, nonprofits, charities, veteran organizations. Anyone that has a story and wants to tell it to others, or help others tell their story.

I served my country in the United States Marine Corp From 1993-2001. One thing I can say is, I loved serving & I loved protecting my fellow citizens. Today I stand still serving, now an even greater need, I stand together with farmers, veterans, and artist alike, spreading the conscious message of love and awareness.

Through a cup of coffee we can achieve so many things. 1st is charity starts at home. We educate and inform those on our home fronts, and support their needs. In return our home fronts help support our needs. Our needs is urgent. Together we can support a healthier planet, by using natural ingredients, we protect mother earth.

Our coffees are organic, fairly traded, and farmer conscious. Meaning that all of our purchases and sales benefit a greater cause "Mother Earth" the farmer & the consumer. We accomplish this mission one cup at a time. I hope that you will join me, in taking that sip to conscious coffee.

To learn more about #BODY & the coffee movement check us out here.